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Bergen Award | Hackensack NJ | Bruce The Bed King
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How to Choose a Mattress

No one knows more about mattresses or how to choose the correct one than Bruce The Bed King. For more than 40 years, Bruce himself has guided and advised thousands of people on the correct bedding for their body type and temperament. The most important thing you can do for your health is get a good night's sleep. To get a good night's sleep, you need the right kind of mattress—one that will give you comfort and support.

The Mattress Must Be Comfortable for You

The most important thing to consider when buying a new mattress is how it feels. It should be comfortable and supportive while gently contouring to your back and side without creating pressure points. The only way to find out if a mattress is comfortable for you is to try it. Buying a mattress over the phone or on the internet without trying it just doesn't work. Everybody's size and shape is different, which is why Bruce offers such a wide variety of personally approved mattresses, with a full range of comfort choices carefully selected to provide a full spectrum of firmness. Try everything from rock hard to super plush, tight top to cushy pillow top, and more. Whether you're buying one from Bruce himself or someone else, follow Bruce's "How to Choose a Mattress" and you won't go wrong.

Look for a Special Feature That Does Something Special for You

Take advantage of the advances in mattress technology. Bruce can demonstrate how recent developments in the bedding industry will bring you greater comfort, a healthier sleep environment, and longer lasting mattresses. Serta, for example, has developed a unique continuous coil system that allows your weight to be dispersed over the whole surface of the mattress. which will give you a more uniform feel. Simmons BeautyRest offers mattresses that feature independent coils which limit the amount of movement you feel from your partner. Tempur-pedic and iComfort mattresses are made of a space age foam which eliminates pressure points to provide undisturbed sleep. By learning how the mattress you are selecting is constructed, you will make a wiser choice and get more value for your money.

Don't Overpay For The Mattress

It can be very difficult to determine if you are getting a good price on a mattress. You will never overpay at Bruce The Bed King because we do not mark our prices up to be marked down. You will always get our best price first. Our salespeople are not on commission; their income is not based on what you spend. They will help you choose the mattress that's right for you regardless of price. Our salespeople are eager to provide guidance and educate consumers so that they can make an intelligent, correct decision. Low margins, low overhead and low pressure have made us the better shopping experience for over sixty years. Every item we sell has been carefully selected to be the best value at its price point. This is why we say Bruce the Bed King is the better shopping experience.